Worth the weight!

Let me shed some light on this subject,

This project involved a day trip out of Amsterdam, to Naarden, famous for its star shaped construction and one of the finest examples of a fortified city you will see in Europe.

Naarden is one of favourite places to go opshopping and on this particular day I found the components that make up this very exciting repurposed project!

Firstly how amazing is this old scale!  The rust, the colours, the numbers – I just fell in love with it! Yes it is missing a few parts but one man’s junk is another man’s treasure – right?


I must say that even though I purchased these items all on the same day, I did not know at the time they would all be used together – funny how that works.

So next, I came across this basket, I liked the detailing of the wire and the fact that the stickers on the side were removable.



and then, these lights, oh the possibilities right! I have so many ideas for these that I will share with you soon!




So, I now have all the components for a lamp, honestly this project took less than ten minutes. I love to blog how easy it is to be creative and how satisfying DIY is – oh and did I mention cheap!!

The gallery below shows the process of this repurposed project – starting with removing the stickers off the basket, positioning the basket onto the old scales, through the mesh, then placing the light into the basket and securing the cord down the side of the scales.






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