Washing up has never looked so good!

Mason jars have been on trend for some time now, I remember my mum would clean and sterilize oodles of them in the oven, for the yearly pickle onion batch! My mum makes the best pickle onions….potent but oh so good with a slice of cheddar cheese!

I bought this glass jar for the exact project you see today, months ago but completely forgot about until HTB insisting on always getting the ugliest, bulk dish washing liquid!

Yes it is cheap which is fantastic , but it is unsightly on the kitchen bench, and I like having it right there instead of hiding it away in the cupboard below.


So, this morning I finished the hand soap and was all set to put it in the recycling – then I thought how about I take the pump from the container and finally I can use my preserving jar to transform the two into a dishwash  jar that can sit proudly 0n the kitchen bench.



All I did with this simple upcycle project was hammer a nail into the centre of the lid, then used pliers to open the hole in a circular motion, I took my time here as I did not want to make the hole too wide for the pump



I have not used glue as the hole was intentionally made slightly too small so the pump would fit nice and snug into the opening.





Now I have a container that doesn’t bother me and can happily hang out by the sink any day of the week!




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