Upcycled Tray

Have a spare five minutes? Then how about a quick upcycle fix for the day!

Most of you will not know this but I am addicted to maps! I think the obsession started three years ago when HTB and I were planning our Europe road trip. We now have a large map of Europe on our lounge wall and it proudly outlines our 15,000km journey.

This is the first map that has a special place in my heart and since then, the walls have been adorned with vintage maps, map bunting, framed maps and flags to name a few – all will feature on the blog soon!

So getting back to this quick and easy project…..




I picked up this tray for €2 and wanted to paint it but when I stumbled upon a map of London with the exact colourings, it was a match made in heaven. When searching for old maps, I am always looking for something that holds a connection in my heart, and this map of London represents the memories I have made with friends and family living in London.


So how did you do it, I hear you ask…..


  • Measure the inside of the tray
  • Select a section on the map you want to feature
  • Using a pencil and ruler, mark out this section slightly bigger than the required size
  • Glue the tray surface
  • Flatten the map onto the glue using a dry cloth
  • Cut the overlap with a sharp craft knife around the inside edges of the tray



I found there was no need to worry about the creases in the map as the glue corrected these fold marks.

I only use this tray to display ornaments but if you wanted to use this to carry food or beverages, I would suggest applying a coat of clear, water-based polyurethane to protect the paper surface.

So there you have it folks, an upcycle project that cost less than €5 and took less than 5 minutes to complete! I hope this has inspired you to get your DIY on this week 🙂


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