Upcycled Lamp

The vision for this project started when I purchased the length of rope, I was intending to create a Monkey’s Fist knot but after a series of frustrating attempts, I realised I did not have enough rope.

Hmmm what could I make instead?

Usually a trip to the op shop provides the inspiration and there it was, the light bulb moment in the form of a white lamp with a red shade. I knew the base was small enough for me to wrap the rope around and the shade could be replaced or upcycled too!

This is such an easy diy project and took all of 15 minutes!

The Base

  1. Take the shade off the lamp
  2. Fray the end of the rope so it can sit flat on the base of the lamp
  3. Glue the frayed end at the top of the lamp
  4. Glue the sides of the base as you wind the rope around
  5. Fray the end of the rope like step 2. and tuck it in the opening of the base
  6. Make a cup of tea and leave the base to dry

The Shade

  1. Protect the floor with newspaper or plastic
  2. Open the windows for ventilation
  3. One light coat of gold spray paint*
  4. Once dry, a second coat of spray paint
  5. Apply black nugget in a circular motion around the dry shade for an aged effect

*It is important to note that no matter how excited you are to finish a project, you will get a much better finish when using spray paint in small applications. Heavy handed applications result in drips which are usually quite unsightly and even with the most strategic placement, you will know it is there and trust me it will bother you for days/months and you will kick yourself for not slowing down!




So there you have it, I am really happy with how this upcycled project has turned out! A new lamp and all for only €8!


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