Touch of Gold

I am currently obsessed with gold spray paint, having recently used this on the upcycled lamp project this week, which you can view here.

It is such an easy way to upcycle something you may have around the house and you will be amazed at the transformation you can achieve.

I found these marble candle holders at the op shop and although the marble effect is very on-trend at the moment, I couldn’t help but think they seemed a bit lifeless on the table.

So you guessed it, I got a tad creative and just went for it…..remembering to take photos for you along the way.



I wanted to create a line around the base of the tallest candle holder so I taped a paper towel around the area not requiring the spray paint, I proceeded to tape the middle candle holder in the same way but at a slightly different position. I hardly ever measure anything but of course you can if you want it perfect!



If you didn’t catch my lamp upcycle, I mentioned in the post that you need to be careful when applying spray paint to objects, holding the can at the correct distance and applying small coats at a time for an even finish.



I only needed to spray one coat as I really liked the effect it had on the porous surface. This was a great outcome – less drying time and an even fastest upcycle project!


You will notice in the above image I left the smallest holder bare, but on second thoughts it just didn’t seem quite right, so I mixed it up a bit and sprayed a strip on the angle.

The middle candle holder has small lines intersecting on the front, this was achieved by dipping a piece of string into the residual spray paint and placing it on the surface for a few seconds.




So there you have it – an easy DIY project that literally took less than 10 minutes.

There are no strict rules with this as you can see I changed my mind along the way. You will have your own creative ways to enhance your objects around the home. I really just love sharing how truly easy it is to do-it-yourself and how much fun you can have with it!


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