Shutter TV Table

My friends often ask me if I have found anything on the side of the road during the week. They know me so well, it is one of my not so secret hobbies – wandering the street on rubbish day, to see what furniture or items I can rescue for a DIY project.

This repurpose project is a combination of three items I found while out rescuing!

  • Shutters
  • White MDF
  • Table legs

I found the shutters first, they were a pair of cupboard doors at one stage in their life, I gave them a dust down, removed the old screws and hinges, then stored them away for a rainy day.

It just so happens it was a rainy day, the day I spotted these old wooden legs, tucked behind a pile of rubbish. It is normally in the cover of darkness that I spot something, drag it home, then discover its true beauty in the light. These table legs have the exact leg detail as my existing coffee table, so needless to say – I was incredibly chuffed!

The idea was instant! I have a set of table legs and a table top, in the form of an old shutter door – ta-da!


So the basic run down for this project was to paint the shutter white, I applied two coats as it was super thirsty!

The MDF was cut down to form two side panel supports which were inserted into the existing spaces in the legs.

The remaining MDF was cut slightly smaller than the shutter to create the top and nailed into place through to the legs below.

The shutter was then glued onto the MDF top and held there overnight with my kettlebells ( I knew those guys would come in handy )

When everything was secure, I positioned the table into place and now it proudly displays the TV. I am not a fan of the TV being a focal point in a room, but I am ok with this one. 🙂

This was an incredibly easy project that hasn’t fallen apart on me yet. I hope you enjoyed seeing what can be done with a bit of this and a bit of that!

In the gallery below you can click on the images for larger view, there is a small ‘X’ in the top left corner for you to exit out of the gallery, as I have been told this was hard to find.



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