Repurposed Bookcase

I am quite excited to share this upcycled project, which was made from an old bookcase I found on the street!

I spotted it in the dark, one night on my way home and thought it had potential, even though I could only make out half of it! So after convincing HTB (Hubby to be) to help me carry it home, my mind was racing with the possibilities!

My current workstation is on the top level of the apartment and in typical dutch style this room has angled walls. Angled walled rooms (say that three times fast) can prove difficult to furnish and as we are living in a rental property, I do not want to pay for expensive furniture to fit the space – so I have to get creative!

There is an awkward space between the desk and the stairs, approximately two metres in length, after inspecting the street find I knew I could cut it down in size and it would be the perfect height for a low storage and display unit without hitting the angle of the wall.

And so it begins……

  • Measure the space (twice)
  • Cut the wooden shelving supports down to size
  • Cut the shelves down in length – two for the top, two for the bottom
  • Hammer the bottom shelves onto the frame to create the base
  • Paint the frame and base
  • Insert nails into the existing holes to provide support for the top shelves
  • Paint shelves and place on top

I had two old drawers which were another street find lying around so I took the handles off and gave them a very rough sand to expose the timber below, then applied the handles and slid them under the newly created unit!

I will be the first to admit it, it has a rustic charm as my lines are not exactly straight and the painting is a tad slap happy, but I am extremely chuffed that I now have a place to hide away craft supplies and then display a collection of trinkets on top.

I hope this project has inspired you to get creative this weekend! Who knows you might even start seeing unwanted furniture on the side of the road, you should totally haul it home and turn it into something beautiful! I would be so impressed!

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