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Along with op-shopping, I frequently check out a local facebook page where people sell unwanted items. As the op shops in my area are not open on Sunday’s this is the perfect way for me to still find bargains at the weekend!

Recently I am moving my style towards ‘farmhouse’, I really love the natural textures and calming colours, paired with timber and rustic pieces.

My friends on snapchat will notice the following find – in Amsterdam, I bike everywhere and have been known to struggle a secondhand freezer in a bakfiets or balance six dining chairs on the back of my bike, so a footstool – piece of cake!

Transporting the footstool

I knew this footstool had potential and someone had already attempted to recover it at some stage, so I was eager to see what was beneath the outdated cream upholstery. I set to work unpicking the cover from the foam and the base.


Unpicking the current fabric

After unpicking the fabric off the base, it revealed a nice neutral linen which I would leave as it was the perfect combination with the fabric I had in mind for the foam top.


I really wanted to use this cushion cover I found at the op-shop to recover the foam section of the footstool – this next bit is fiddly : turning a square cushion into a rectangle!





  • I unpicked the existing cover of the footstool and ironed it flat – this would become my pattern
  • I unpicked the cushion cover and ironed it flat also

I won’t bore you with the fiddly details but there is a lot of measuring, pinning, cutting, testing, unpicking, cutting – to make it fit perfectly – I know this is usually a step by step guide – but I made it hard for myself trying to work with limited fabric in the first place! Making a 50cm cushion fit a 65cm long footstool 😉


As I had limited fabric, I used an offcut of white cotton for the backing and created a pillowslip opening.

I proceeded to hand sew a blanket stitch along the bottom edge of the foam to secure the fabric in place and to actually help hide the white cotton from showing along the sides – I actually think it adds an extra farmhouse rustic feature to the footstool.




I would love to take an upholstery class so that one day I can reupholster a chair or two,  but for now I am happy my basic skills have managed to pull this one off!




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