Paper Canal Houses

Living in Amsterdam, surrounded by such impressive architecture is almost surreal coming from New Zealand. It was almost a ‘we are not in Kansas anymore’ sort of scenario when we arrived.

I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful city and draw a lot of inspiration from the buildings, canals and the rich heritage that surrounds me.

On a rainy Sunday I decided to have a ‘crafternoon’ and play around with old sheet music, pages from an old book and a toilet roll….yes! You read that right, a toilet roll.

Make Use, Not More is all about up-cycling, I could have said it was a piece of cardboard but hey that is not so much of a transformation then is it? These diy posts are all about giving you ideas, so you can see what you have around the house and how creative you can be!

So it began…

  • I cut the roll length ways so that I could lay it flat and pencil the outlines of the houses
  • I cut out the outlines leaving enough space on the sides to fold back as a support
  • I traced the individual roofline onto the selected paper
  • I then proceeded to glue the individual paper houses on the front of the cardboard
  • For the third house, for extra detail  I cut out a number, door and a window from a picture in the book and glued this on also.
  • I used a glass dome from a previous op shop adventure and placed it over the top.

This easy diy project took all of 15 minutes and adds a cute accompaniment to the old book collection on the side table in the lounge.

I really do love how affordable diy can be and I am really happy with how this trio turned out!



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