My Story

Hello, I am Gabrielle and I am not afraid to admit it…I am addicted to interior styling through diy , up-cycling and bargain hunting! (and drinking copious cups of Earl Grey tea)

I am a New Zealander living in the amazing city of Amsterdam, my fiancé and I arrived here not knowing anyone so it has been quite an adventure!

We arrived here after an epic five month road trip of Europe in our trusty campervan nicknamed ‘The Great White”, that journey is worthy of a whole separate blog but along the way I will share some of my favourite travel snaps!

No doubt you have stumbled upon my site because we share a similar interest, there is nothing more satisfying than finding unwanted items and giving them a place in your home, that bargain at the op shop that is on-trend and easy on the bank account, or how about that buzz when someone asks you where you bought something and you can proudly say you made it!

 Make Use, Not More – is all about my passion for interior design, diy, up-cycling, opshopping, bargain hunting and interiors that motivate me, a chance to document my discoveries along the way and to pay tribute to other creatives that inspire me.

“Having an eye for interiors is one thing- try having two!”


I would love to hear from you and what latest finds you have come across, if you are anything like me that buzz is worth sharing!