Pin Cushion Container

IMG_0260This little beauty has been sitting on a shelf at the local op shop for the last two weeks. I actually picked it up the first time I saw it and thought it was cute but I wasn’t sure I actually needed it…. ahem I mean I need everything I see at the op shop but for some reason on this particular day it didn’t make the cut.

So yesterday I was in need of some retail therapy which I call search and rescue, and the rest is the beginning of a practical transformation!

Yes this little beauty is a tad worn but I think that all adds to the charm, I gave it a quick clean and that is when it came to me…. A pin cushion could be added into the space under the lid and the container itself would be a useful place to keep my bobbins and tape measure!


I had some cushion stuffing from a previous diy session and found the perfect scrap of felt material to create the covering of the cushion. What is even more impressive is the fact that no sewing is required for this transformation!


I then proceeded to put the cushion filling onto the felt material and gather the fabric around the filling to create a ball, which was then held into place with a rubberband!

So simple, trust me!

Then I trimmed the excess fabric from the rubberband and then glued the cushion into the lid of the container, squishing it in there nice and tight for a good two minutes.IMG_0196

I must let you in on a secret, when I applied the glue to the felt fabric it actually created a exothermic reaction, I mean I knew my diy skills were hot but not that hot! In all seriousness please be careful when selecting the materials for this job, I would strongly advise against cotton or wool when using a Cyanoacrylate or superglue as the heat released may cause serious burns!


So there you have it, a cute pin cushion container that requires no sewing and best of all cost lest than €3 to make. I just love upcycling! I hope that this quick diy project has got you thinking as to what you can transform around the house!

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