Blanket Ladder

I think you already know but one of my hobbies is collecting old furniture I find on the street. It is amazing what people throw away and it is amazing how I always find a need for it!

I already have one ladder in my lounge but I could not leave ladder number two lying out there in the cold!

So, home it came!

This ladder was originally 230cm tall, way too tall for my ceiling height, so I got out the trusty saw and cut it down to fit!




Measure twice, cut once!


As this ladder had a top step when extended, I really wanted to remove this and also the backing support of the ladder to use on another project, so I removed the brackets and the step.




Before this ladder was heavy, bulky and too tall. Now I can move it with ease and it can lean against the wall without damaging the paintwork. I think it is the perfect place to hang my blankets and it was free!

I do love a bargain!


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  • Hi Abby, Thank you so much! It is fun coming up with unique ways to transform items that I have around the home! Pinterest is a great site for inspiration! Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you enjoyed this project!